F & SF--- no thank you.

BUT muy prompt response. Highly recommended!

On other fronts... how long until one may say "ahem... you DID receive my MSS, right?" if no mention of turnaround time is made? Is it rude to, apropos of naught, write an editor and say, "What is the typical response time for this magazine/website?" without making mention of submission after, say, six months?

Christmas-y story submitted

... for *next* year's F & SF. I figure no pain on rejection because there is *by definition* a glut on Christmas stories, esp the Gorey-esque awful sort... they also say "eight weeks" for turnaround. That's groovy.

How about you?

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Okay, it's not spec fic, but it's still pretty cool!

Dear Ms. Hewitt,
I would very much like to use your poem "Matter of Madness" on Strong Verse. Could you please reply with a brief bio and your address?
Also, I would like to consider "The Girl Wearing. . ." if it were only the first stanza. How does this read to you?
Thank you,

"Submit!" cried Jen the Merciless.


Three submissions, one rejection.

-Lenox Ave, following reallivejen's lead, who were *very* prompt and sweet rejecting me...

-Mosaic Press--- would be nice to get a "hi, we received yr. mss." e-mail, but whatever.

-Neo-Opsis: stay tuned. "The Littlest Zombie" might just be a bit, er, tasteless...


form rejection received from The Southern Poetry Review.

At least I aim high, yes? Poems will be washed, dried and sent back out in to the harsh cruel world as soon as a more suitable market is located. A batch which may or may not include these poems will go out at the end of the week.

That having been said...

Tell me what you think about my poetry.

On submitting:
I've been published (prose-wise, I do occasionally do poetry) once, seven years ago, in MZB magazine. Not since.

I *do* like the classifieds in _Poets and Writer's Magazine_ for manuscript calls. Beyond the specfic markets community and the SFWA, which I don't qualify for until I make another pro (prose) sale, what's a good way to look for good markets? I'd *really* like to feel like I was hot-tubbing with my smof friends legitimately, and as I'm disastrous as an organizer, that means being a Real Writer... and that takes ink.

Oh, and if anyone wants to borrow my online membership to _Writer's Digest_, just to preview how nice it is, please let me know.

The first rule of Pokeology is nobody talks about the stick

...I suppose we all know posting stories on LJ affects chances of being published in pro markets?

So, I propose anything posted for critique be, I dunno, marked "members only" (does lj let you *do* that? I'm not really a moderator type) or deleted/ made "friends only" after a couple of weeks? Also, if someone cattily mentions to an editor, "Oh, yeah, I saw that on Livejournal," I respectfully request that Jen let us use sharp end of that pokey stick.

Sorry--- looks like all here know this, but can't be too careful, but better careful than sorry, yes?