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This is for those of us who want to see our work in print, or at least in e-print. We mean well, it's just that finding the time to polish up our work and fix it into manuscript format and find an appropriate market and get up the courage to send our stories off into the big wide world...

...well, can't I do it next Tuesday?

This is the community that will tell you no, you bloody well can't, and that will poke you with sharp sticks until you get your act together.

There is only one rule: you must submit at least one story each month to a paying market. It doesn't matter which market, just as long as you send something, somewhere.

Other things the community may be used for: asking for critique (as it is not an open community, posting under friends-only does not count as 'publication'), discussions about writing in general, questions or information about markets, and other fairly on-topic things.

Okay, I lied, there's a few more rules:

RULE OF GLOATING: Celebrating a sale is good, but you are not your cent-per-word rate. There is no prize for the most sales, the highest cent-per-word rate, or the quickest arsehole to mention either of the above in an argument.

RULE OF SULKING: Chocolate and commiseration will be offered for rejections; ranting and allusions to the marital status of the editor's parents are futile. Don't.

RULE OF GRATITUDE: If somebody leaves a comment on a story of yours, you thank them. You can certainly disagree, but if you argue every point you're going to come off looking the worse for it. If you can't say anything else, say 'Thank you for your input'. Even if you think they've missed the entire point of the story, misunderstood the plot, misinterpreted the characters and have the approximate grammatical abilities of an illiterate dung beetle, you respond with 'Thank you for your input'. Even if the comment is 'I've seen better writing come out of a badger's arse', the correct response is Thank you for your input.

RULE OF COURTESY: Please don't leave comments along the lines of 'I've seen better writing come out of a badger's arse' on the stories of others. You don't have to be nice, but you do have to be constructive.

RULE OF MUTUAL GROOMING: If somebody takes the time to critique your story, you might want to take the time to critique theirs. Aside from the whole politeness thing, you might just find that critiquing and editing makes you a better writer.

RULE OF ELVES AND SHIT: There is no One True Genre. Leave any '[insert type of fiction here] is derivative crud' nonsense at the door. Violators of this rule will have Sturgeon's Law tattooed onto their forehead.

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